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I am in the midst of preparing to teach a new course, "Introduction to the Jewish Experience" which will be offered through Lehrhaus Judaica this fall, starting October 14, 2009.  As soon as class info is available, I'll post it here. 

 One of the resources for the class is a new Jewish Film Blog which I invite you to explore now.  It is far from complete, but I welcome your reactions and suggestions.  

 More soon!

-- Rabbi Adar

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Jewish Film Blog

Because God Loves Stories

There is a Jewish saying that asks "Why did God make human beings?" and answers "Because God loves stories."  Human beings love stories, too: stories entertain us and make sense of our world.  Rabbi Ruth Adar loves telling stories.  Some of her stories are very old, some very new; some are Jewish and some are from the American South.  All of the stories are like a mirror:  if you look deeply in them, you may learn something about yourself.

 For more information, or to book Rabbi Adar for storytelling, email her at rabbiadar -at- gmail.com.


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